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Writing Wizards

Watch your child's handwriting, confidence, and success magically improve! Writing Wizards uses a multisensory approach & fine motor games, activities and worksheets.

Apprentice Level (Pre/Emergent Level)

Your child will work with an Occupational Therapist in a group setting (1:4 ratio) to:

  • Work on developing fine motor skills for grasping

  • Develop pre-writing strokes

  • Work on spatial awareness to help form a solid foundation for letter sizing and spacing

  • Work on writing and tracing his first name in capital letters

  • Introduce capital letters

Magician Level (Writing Basics)

Continue working with an Occupational Therapist in a small group setting (1:4 ratio) to:

  • Work on the 8 components of writing: (memory, orientation, placement, sizing, starting, sequence, and control)

  • Work on a functional pencil grasp

  • Work on speed of writing

  • Writing words and sentences properly (spacing)

  • Work on capital and lowercase letters

Sorcerer Level (Writing Refinement)

Don’t allow the art of cursive writing to disappear! Your child will develop this craft in a group setting (1:4 ratio) by:

  • Working on capital & lowercase letters

  • Practicing the 8 components of handwriting

  • Working on functional pencil grip

  • Working on writing words & sentences using proper spacing

  • Developing speed of writing

To inquire about Writing Wizards Groups, click on Enroll Today.  Then click on Sign Up, fill out the required information, and we will contact you shortly.  

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