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Family Portal Access and Registration Forms

Desert Valley Pediatric Therapy is proud to announce our secure online Family Portal that allows parents and caregivers to complete the registration paperwork online as well as view appointments, access documents, message your provider, and pay invoices.  You can also use the Family Portal to see our Financial Policy and Credit Card Authorization policy, review your verification of benefits, and pay invoices. 
Need help signing into your Family Portal?

From a Laptop or Desktop: 

  • To view evaluation reports, progress notes, or daily visit notes click on the Records Tab on the left side of the screen and choose Visit Summaries. Clicking on a visit entry will open a PDF document to view. 

  • To make a payment, click the Make a payment button.  You can also change the card on file in your wallet. 

  • You can also send messages to the Office or communicate with your child’s therapist through messages. 


From a Mobile Device: 

  • To view evaluation reports, progress notes, or daily notes click on the “hamburger menu”-- the set of three lines in the top left corner. 

  • Click on Records.  

  • Scroll down and click on Visit Summaries (on a mobile device click on the icon that looks like a clipboard).  

  • Double click on the visit you’d like to view and a PDF will open.   



Additional notes:  

  • You can navigate between different children’s accounts in the upper right-hand corner under “Change Account.” 

  • If you have unsigned patient forms, an alert will show, and you can follow the instructions to sign off any forms. 

Comfort Feeding Clinic Patient Forms

For our Comfort Feeding Feeding Clinic patients, please fill out all New Patient forms located in the Family Portal in addition to the following:


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