Comfort Feeding Clinic

Offering therapeutic feeding solutions and peace of mind for the whole family through a partnership in education, resources, referrals, evaluation, treatment and support.

Are you wondering if your child's eating habits are typical? Click here to complete the Feeding Matters questionnaire. The process can help you determine if Comfort Feeding Clinic is the right choice for you and your family.

Our Recipe for Success
  • Collaborative effort with BOTH a speech pathologist AND occupational therapist trained in a wide range of feeding treatment strategies.

  • Guided support through your entire journey

  • Support for your whole family

  • Strong emphasis on parental education

  • Individualized treatment plans based on the needs of your child and family

  • Transdisciplinary approach with access to a wide range of professionals including speech pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists and a dietitian

  • Inclusive directory of support professionals including psychologists, pediatricians, gastroenterologists, ENTs, and allergists

What's On the Menu?
  • Comprehensive Feeding Evaluation

    • Extensive evaluation with our Occupational and Speech Language therapists​

    • Formal evaluation report

    • Treatment plan/Strategies

  • Parent Consultation

    • Consultation with our Feeding Therapist​

    • Review of current feeding skills and home based strategies/recommendations for families

    • Follow-up sessions as recommended

  • Individual 6-8 week feeding rotation

    • Home or Clinic based services targeted to provide families with a more individualized approach​, for the duration of 6-8 weeks only

  • Ongoing Feeding Therapy

    • Home or Clinic based services targeted to provide families with a more individualized approach​

  • Small Feeding Groups

    • Lunch Bunch and Snack Attack are designed to encourage healthy eating habits and increase the variety of foods your child is willing to eat. Once you and your child have mastered the skills in Lunch Bunch/Snack Attack, you will have the option of moving forward with either Garden Groupies or the Body Builders. Both programs are designed to provide an additional 6 weeks of feeding therapy. Garden Groupies focuses on increasing fruits and veggies, and the Body Builders works towards incorporating additional proteins and grains into the diet. This is accomplished through:

      • Parent and child education

      • Fun sensory based activities

      • Positive peer influence

      • Child participation in making their own meals

    • Once a week for 6 weeks on Friday afternoons from 3:45-4:45 pm, small groups of 3-4 children will meet with our feeding therapists and participate in fun and creative food-based activities that will educate them about different food groups, various types of healthy foods, and how we can make eating and trying new foods an enjoyable experience. There will be a different theme each week and parents will partner together to discuss how they can carry the theme and strategies into their mealtimes at home. Are you ready to get started? Let's Eat!!

In order for our feeding therapists to determine the most appropriate feeding program for your child, we ask that you submit our initial intake form by clicking on the link below:

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