S.T.A.R.S Academy

Summer Therapy and Real-Life Skills

Physical Therapy Small Group

S.T.A.R.S Academy Physical Therapy Small Group offers fun, gross motor experiences and themed activities designed to provide  advanced, evidence-based pediatric physical therapy with a focus on participation and independence in daily activities. We provide a creative, pediatric-centered rehabilitation environment for healing and improvement of function, strength and coordination. 


Gross motor skills are important for every child throughout their development physically as well as socially and emotionally. We specialize in physical therapy rehabilitation for children of all ages and provide therapy-focused movement progression for children from infants to teenagers to help them participate in their community, school, and home. Our physical therapists use age-appropriate equipment, games and activities to work towards increasing strength and coordination as well as improving balance and body awareness. 


Our S.T.A.R.S Academy PT Small Group curriculum is individualized to meet the needs of each participant.