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Staff Bio

Susan, Occupational Therapist and Feeding Therapist

Susan is an occupational therapist, master coach and pediatric feeding specialist.  Throughout her 35+ year career, she has dedicated her practice to pediatric feeding, eating, and swallowing within a variety of settings, including the NICU, outpatient clinic, home-based and teletherapy services.  Under her guidance as the Director of the Comfort Feeding Clinic at Desert Valley Pediatric Therapy (05/2019-07/2022) she maintained a clinical caseload and developed several programs including a multidisciplinary feeding team, a training program for speech and occupational therapists in the feeding domain, and the conceptualization, development, and execution of multiple feeding groups with a strong emphasis on parent/caregiver education.  Her expertise has been shared through in-person workshops, virtual and web-based learning at the local, state, and international levels. She has extended her passion with volunteer work at Feeding Matters and has been a part of their PFD Alliance and executive council.  She chaired Feeding Matters’ International Pediatric Feeding Disorder pre-conference 2023. She was humbled to be the recipient of the Feeding Matters 2022 PFD Healthcare Champion award. She considers herself fortunate to have worked with and learned from the many culturally diverse families she has been privileged to partner with in the Midwest and Southwest regions of United States.  In her free time, Susan loves spending time with her husband, three adult children, three grandchildren and her dog. She is an avid reader and enjoys cooking up new recipes from around the world! 

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