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Staff Bio

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Michelle, Occupational Therapist and Feeding Therapist

With a passion for helping children reach their full potential, Michelle brings her expertise as an OT and feeding therapist to DVPT. Michelle received her Bachelor's of Science at Arizona State University in Speech and Hearing Science and continued to Northern Arizona University to receive her Doctor of Occupational Therapy degree. Michelle has been with DVPT since 2020. Michelle has been trained in the SOS Approach to Feeding, and has attended courses and conferences including Feeding Matters annual conference, the Get Permission Approach, and the ARFID Masterclass. 


Michelle follows a family-centered, strengths-based approach and meets kids and families where they're at. She has experience working with kids with a variety of needs including feeding challenges, sensory needs, visual perceptual difficulties, and motor delays. She believes in a holistic approach to therapy to enhance each child’s independence and overall quality of life. As a feeding therapist, Michelle is committed to helping children overcome feeding challenges. Michelle understands the complexities of pediatric feeding issues and takes a child- and family-centered approach to treatment. She collaborates closely with families to develop personalized strategies that encourage positive feeding experiences and promote overall growth and development. 


Michelle is undergoing a research study with the Comfort Feeding Clinic at DVPT, working with Northern Arizona University to study the efficacy of feeding therapy interventions. She is passionate about using evidence-based practice and is hoping to contribute to the growing field of feeding therapy to ensure high quality treatment approaches. 


In her free time, Michelle enjoys reading, playing games with friends, hiking, biking, exploring Arizona, and spending time with family.

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