Junior Jabberee

A Social Skills Therapeutic Summer Day Camp


Does your child have difficulty...
  • Making friends?

  • Being interested or aware of what's going on around them?

  • Playing 'pretend games'?

  • Talking about or understanding feelings?

  • Coping in social settings?

  • Reading other people's facial expressions, tone of voice and/or gestures?

  • Using gestures?

  • Following classroom routines?

  • Cooperating with friends?

If you answered maybe or yes to any of these questions, your kiddo might be perfect for Junior Jabberee!


 Junior Jabberee is a summer day camp whose program focuses on social skills to help your child learn to interact and communicate with their family and peers through a curriculum developed and lead by speech pathologists and occupational therapists. The camp is a 7-week long experience and focuses on different social skills each week. Our program has a 3 to 5 year old group and a 6 to 9 year old group that meets every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8:30 until 11:30am for 4 weeks in June and 3 weeks in July. Due to the 4th of July holiday, there will be no camp the first week of July. Each class is facilitated by a licensed speech language pathologist/assistant, occupational therapist, and preschool teacher. In addition, each class will have 2 to 3 volunteers from local speech pathology and occupational therapy undergraduate and graduate programs which brings the child/teacher ratio to 3:1. Classes will consist of no more than 15 children with approximately 2 to 5 of those being Peer Role Models.

*While this camp is open to kiddos of various ages and developmental levels, all camp participants must be able to communicate verbally using words, as well as participate in a group setting without one-on-one assistance.

June 5th- July 26th * no camp week of July 4th

Two classes: Ages 3-5 & 6-9
Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Times: 8:30am - 11:30am
Location: Esparanza Lutheran Church

Cost: $1550 for full 7 weeks or $225 per week

* Click below  to find out more about tuition and insurance reimbursement

**After filling out the Registration form, someone from DVPT will be in contact with you to finalize paperwork and referral information.

Additional Services:

Snack Attack

We are super excited to offer our Snack Attack group after camp from 11:30-12:30 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Facilitated by one of our Feeding Specialists, this is for Picky Eaters where kiddos will participate in fun and creative food-based activities that will educate them about different food groups, various types of healthy foods, and how we can make eating and trying new foods an enjoyable experience. Space is limited for this, so sign up quickly!

Cost: $400 for 8 sessions in June, $300 for 6 sessions in July. Does NOT go through insurance. 


We offer discounted camp tuition to children who qualify as Peer Role Models.  Click below to learn more and apply for a spot!