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Staff Bio

Brandi Logan-Ochoa.jpg
Brandi Logan-Ochoa
Speech Language Pathologist

Brandi Logan-Ochoa received her master’s degree in Communication Disorders at San Francisco State University. She is clinically certified by the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association. Brandi has been providing speech therapy since 2014. Before she became a speech therapist, Brandi returned to her (elementary school) alma mater and volunteered in the Special Day Classes from 2008-2013. She has a big heart for kids! She strongly believes in supporting children in the way that they learn, rather than the way we teach.

Brandi has experience working with children from birth to young adulthood with a variety of communication disorders, delays, and disabilities, including Autism, speech sound disorders, fluency, and receptive/expressive language deficits. She has provided therapy in several settings including clinics, homes, and elementary, middle and high schools. 


Outside of work, she enjoys running, hiking, gyming, and volunteering with animals.

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